Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Happenings of 5 months

Mikayla has really started to take off on eating rice cereal and different fruits & veggies.

Lots of Snuggle Time!

Waiting for our rice cereal & veggie!

5 month old picture.

This is also her first real t-shirt that she has worn [and owned]

I tried making her a tutu for the 4th of July, but failed. So I had someone make her one- this isn't a very good picture but we thought it was really cute!
*Oatmeal Cereal
*she hasn't been measured in awhile, [she will be at her appointment next week] but she was weighed 11 1/2 pounds!  

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Day 4 of vacation- The windy city! chicago.

After spending Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Ohio, we headed home on Monday. When John and I drove out to ohio last year, we stopped in Chicago on the way home. We had soooo much fun! We just had to do it again this year- in fact, this was one of the parts of the trip I was looking forward to the most :)
We were able to go to the Shedd Aquarium. It is pretty amazing, we LOVED it and cannot wait to take Mikayla back when she is older. Although she is young, she really enjoyed the different lights and sounds.

Waiting for the aquatic show to start.
Showing the audience how they train the dolphins.
Aquatic Show

She LOVED it!

They had a stingray interaction where you could go touch the sting rays.

Patiently waiting while mommy, daddy and grandma touch the sting rays.

John touched them first. When I saw his hand made it out alive and unstung, I went for it.

They felt like the bottom of a lake- slimy.

Me "petting" one.

Daddy & Mikayla in the jellyfish area.

Dolphins. I have never seen a real live dolphin in my life, so I thought It was really cool. I was OBSESSED with dolphins growing up.

Beluga Wales.

more of the dolphins

I really could have stayed there for hours watching them.

After we finished up at the Shedd, we decided to go down to the Navy Pier for a little while. Last year John and I rode on the Ferris wheel and so we wanted to do it again this year.

While on our trip, a certain little lady started holding her bottle up by herself! She still needs a little extra support, but for the most part can do it on her own.
It was super foggy when we were there, but we still had lots of fun!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Day 3 vacation-Family Reunion

The third day that we were in Ohio there was a family reunion.
Mikayla's great-aunt

another great aun

Mikayla went swinging for the first time and LOVED it! She got mad at John when he pulled her out of the swing.

She doesn't look happy, but she really did love it!

Meeting her Great-Great Grandma for the first time.
She was able to fly down from Florida to come to the reunion. It was such an amazing experience to have Mikayla meet her great-great grandma. Apparently that is not a very common occurrence.

another great-aunt


Her cousin Jason

Her great-uncle Mike.
Her cousin Amanda.
everyone on my husbands side had a wonderful time meeting her. It was so great to see them all fight over her and love on her! :)
The other cool thing was that there was FIVE generations there. Great-Great Grandma, Great-Grandpa, Grandma, Dad and Mikayla. we made sure to get lots of pictures of that!

Day 2 of vacation- Family day in Columbus.

The second day that we were in Ohio, John, Mikayla & I were able to sneak away and go to Columbus. There is this fabulous mall there that we discovered last year, it's called "Easton" I would recommend it to anyone! LOVE IT!

Funny story about the stroller. I had a list and had everything for Mikayla, John & I to go on our first family trip. I got so busy and worried about forgetting something that I ended up leaving one of the biggest things that I needed in the trunk of my car! It dawned on me about 2 hours after we had started driving (somewhere in Iowa) so I wasn't about to turn around and add 4 more hours onto our trip. My husband, being the smart thinker that he is, got on craigslist & found this awesome stroller for $35! It was such a deal! It has little controls that you can put on it also. You can set the temperature on it so you know if your little one is getting too warm or not. Right after my baby shower, I was given enough gift cards that I was able to go to Target and get the stroller & car seat combo that I had wanted. If you can tell on this stroller there is a bunch of extra padding in the front, which was fantastic! so we decided to go ahead and put Mikayla in it without the car seat to see how she would do. She LOVED it! She is such a little social butterfly that she loves looking at everyone and everything. Defiantly blessed that we were able to find this stroller for the price we did and we were able to go pick it up right away also! SCORE!

Family picture taken in front of the fountain! Too bad Mikayla was zonked out!

My mother in law (michelle) has a step-mom, Sharon. This is Sharon's mom; so Mikayla's great-great grandma, but not by blood.
Being the happy baby that she is :)

We tried a new restaurant while in Columbus called "Bob Evans" It was like Denny's. Mikayla thought she needed some of her daddy's hamburger :)  

This is Sharon. Mikayla LOVED having her great-grandma hold her

Story behind this picture. While we were in Columbus we went to Macy's (one of my absolute favorite stores) and they were having a sale on kids clothing so I wanted to go look around. Well, little did I know they were having an amazing sale on clothing! This is all carters stuff. I got the outfits (1 pair of pants and 2 onsies) normally $26.00 apiece, for $2.58 a piece!! SCORE!!! I was so excited. I looked on the original price tags and added it all up. I SHOULD have spent $126.00 on all of this; when in REALITY I spent $17.79. I call that an amazing deal!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Mikayla's First Vacation- Ohio and Chicago (Part One)

My husbands grandparents live in Ohio, along with many cousins, aunts and uncles. They had yet to meet Mikayla and a family reunion was coming up so we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to have Mikayla meet her family out in Ohio! We also invited my mother in law Michelle to come along so she could see her dad, stepmom and siblings! We are so glad she was wanting to make the trek out here with us!! It was so helpful having her in the back with Mikayla during the drive. Mikayla loves her grandma VERY much!! and we are so grateful for all Michelle does. We left on Thursday (June 6th) at about 10:15pm and drove straight through to Indianapolis, Indiana. John and I have a friend that lives in Indianapolis and w were able to stop, stretch our legs and visit with him. It was so good to see Dan and cannot wait to seem him again soon! We got to Ohio around 2:00 this afternoon and went straight to John's grandparents house.
Mikayla did FABULOUS! SOOO much better than I thought that she would do. This is her very FIRST vacation and time out of the state. She woke up around 3:00am when we stopped and got gas, took some bottle and went right back to sleep!
John & Mikayla in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana.
Family picture in front of this huge really pretty fountain in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana.

Mommy and my baby girl!
Grandma Michelle and the first grandchild :)
Mikayla gets to meet her great-great grandparents tomorrow, hang out in Columbus and go swimming for the first time! Sunday we have the family reunion and than Monday we are heading off to Chicago to spend the day there. We are so lucky and blessed to be able come on this trip and see so many wonderful people and make the memories that we have been able to! The next 3 days are going to go by way too quickly :(

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Five Months!

Someone is FIVE MONTHS OLD!!



11 pounds
22 1/2 inches long
*Her rice cereal
*green beans
*sweet peas
*Tummy Time
*Sitting up in her bumboo
*bright lights
*getting her picture taken
* the time after she is laid in her crib, but hasn't fallen asleep yet