Sunday, July 10, 2016

Catching up! June & July 2016

Nothing too exciting has happened around these part's lately. We had a fun fourth of July. We grilled out at my parent's and shot off fire works; it always just works out so much better there since they are in the country and you don't have to work about houses being so close together.

In April I FINALLLLLY got my gallbladder out. It had been causing me problems since I had been 14 but testing or anything could never prove it. A Surgeon up at UNMC decided that it has been 11 years, I am old enough to know that if I still have pain that that wasn't the cause of it and it may not cure it (I do have this disease chondritis in my ribcage so I will still have a bit of pain but not nearly to the severity. And I haven't!! I have been pretty much pain free in the area since I had my gallbladder out) I spent 3 nights 4 days up at the hospital, I was having quite a bit of pain that oral medication just was not controlling very well at all. I am grateful for the great Nation that we live in. Even though I don't like our President or any of the Candidates this election year, compared to what is going on in the rest of the world, we truly are blessed to live in such a wonderful nation.
I hated this machine but they bugged me about it enough that I did it.

I was finally up and walking around. They tried to get me up a few hours after surgery but I just wasn't having it, I was in too much pain and disorientated from whatever they gave me in the OR.
John has also been pretty sick. I am not going to get into the details of it, but he has been having a lot of weakness in his quads and a few other places in his body. It has been very, very stressful. He collapsed at work and they called me and I immediately came and took him to the doctor on June 30th. They got him into an MRI the next day; thankfully they were able to "fit him in" at 6pm the next night. At this point we had absolutely no idea what was wrong with John (we really still aren't for certain) and my mom and my sister and my brother were so wonderful (and I have to give credit to Johns family too, when I called his sisters to tell them what was going on and I started to cry they were supportive) but it was on Kaylin, Chris and my Mom that I lost it, quite often. I would call them just to cry and to know that there was someone there to comfort me, and to give me words to strength and wisdom and love and care; and they all really did. I am so very grateful for that and to have all those people in our lives. Anyway- to get out minds off all this medical stuff my family arranged a zoo day for us all; and I mean they arranged everything for us. They were even calling around finding out the best prices on wheelchairs.

It was pouring rain that day! Mikayla insisted at some points on pushing dad, it was pretty cute. I am so grateful that my family decided took care of everything and that they were so kind and arranged this day for us. At this point I was still pregnant, so I was able to fully enjoy myself, it was only John I was worrying about.
The last thing big that has happened was Lindsay turned 8 June 25th and was baptized into The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints!
It really was quite a special day!!
It has been an eventful June & July. I have been busy with school, I have about one and a half weeks left of that and then I get a 2 or 3 week break then it is back to the books! I also landed an intensive internship at the Child Advocacy Center in which is pretty competitive to get, so I am really proud of myself for getting through the interview process and letters of recommendation and everything that needed to be done in order to get it! I have LOVED it so far and have been very happy with my chosen spot. The hard part is seeing quite a few hard cases come through the CAC and not being able to have any information leave that building, meaning not being able to come home and talk to my husband about it. Thankfully there is an amazing staff there that if you ever need to talk or anything they are there, defragging their brains right along with you. I am grateful for this opportunity and have been trying my hardest to get the very most out of it that I can!!
 I feel like I have been so busy that I have not had time to process the loss that we just experienced. I am so grateful for my sister in law Katrina, my mom and my husband who are there to support me 100% of the time whenever I need it. I feel like it hasn't hit me full force yet. When I get a minute to breath, probably over break in a few weeks- I am sure that it will hit me and things will look a little different In my life. My heart is broken. It broke the morning of the 4th of July that I miscarried, but I put on a smiling face for everyone and only broke down once on my mom. I was proud of myself for getting through the day without a full out melt down; but i'm sure it's coming.