Saturday, April 26, 2014

First Hair cut!

 Mikayla had her first hair cut yesterday! her hair was getting pretty long and she had a few un-manageable curls.
 She did so very well most of the appointment until the end.

So we gave her John's phone and she started taking pictures.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Just the last few days....

Thing's have been kind of crazy with this little family the last few days.
#1- we had to put Mikayla into daycare
#2- John and I went back to school & have the craziest schedule
#3- Mikayla's post-operation appointment
#4- Mikayla turned 15 months on April 2nd!
#1- Mikayla started daycare! John and I have done really good juggling our school schedules and Mikayla. This quarter our schedules overlap all day long Monday, Wednesday and Friday's. So, off to Daycare our little girl went! I searched all over Lincoln for the best little center to care for Kayla. We toured many places, then as I was driving home I saw a daycare just up the street from us. I gave them a call, we got in for a tour and they just happened to have one spot left! All the other center's I had an uneasy feeling about, but immediately upon entering into her center I felt an easiness wash over me and I felt okay about her going to daycare. Obviously not the first choice after her being home with mom & dad & grandma when needed for 15 months- but we took the plunge! she did so great her first day (which was yesterday!) she did ladybug art, and played really well with the other kids! Thank goodness it is only for 3 days a week!
#2- John and I are both back in school after a way too quick quarter break. Our school schedules are crazy! I am in class Monday-Wednesday-Friday from 9:30am-7:30pm, and john Monday through Friday,  8am-5:30pm. We both have about an hour in between one of our classes in which we are able to see each other and actually eat lunch together! It will be well worth it in the end though!
#3- I took Mikayla to her first after surgery eye appointment. As I said in an earlier post, her surgery didn't go as it was planned. Well, the surgeon today wasn't exactly thrilled with how her eyes looked. I have to take her back in 6 weeks so reevaluate and see what the surgeon wants to do. But further, more extensive surgery will most likely be needed.
#4- Mikayla turned FIFETEEN MONTHS on April 2nd. How do we almost have a 1 1/2 year old?!? She is 18 pounds, 29 inches long & talking a mile a minute and walking just as fast! She took off like a little rocket! She is into everything, I just LOVE this stage. It is so fun watching her little [okay- BIG] personality coming out more and more every day!!
So for now- it is school, homework, hanging out with Mikayla, more homework, then some more homework, and anxiously awaiting the arrival of my little niece!