Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmas Eve & Christmas 2016

We hosted Christmas Eve this year at our apartment and we had so much fun (well, I cannot speak for others who attended, but John, Mikayla & I had fun)
Mikayla shared with her Baby Cousin, Barrett. She isn't the biggest on sharing with others, so the fact that she walked up to him with her toys was huge.

Opening her new Jammies

 I love this man
Wearing Sawyer Belle's Ribbon


Waiting on her Aunt & Uncle to arrive so that we could eat!

My beautiful girl

My beautiful little family. Christmas Eve 2016
 Mikayla (3) John (25) Katie (25)

The Chapel was full so we hung out in the foyer. Mikayla in her cute Christmas Dress!

After church we went to my mom's and spent the afternoon/evening with my mom and stepdad. In front of the Christmas Tree.

 This was one of the very best gifts that Mikayla got. It is a book where the little pup's have suction cups on the back of them so she can stick them on the different scenes in the book. The best.

This was the tree before John and I shut off the lights and went to bed. The Wooden Train table was Kayla's "big/open" gift. She Has played with it for hours every day and it has been so fantastic. John and I grabbed our blankets and pillows, shut the lights off and turned the tree on and slept by the tree and woke up early and than work kayla up.
It was a wonderful Christmas and one that we will always remember. Now, onto celebrating Mikayla turning FOUR on Monday!!