Monday, September 12, 2016


There has not been very much exciting stuff happening over here lately. I have been doing school and John has been working. He did start a new job- that's pretty exciting! A nice pay raise and better hours- whoop whoop!! John is having to finish up another class in October and than he will get another promotion in January. He has stayed the steady course at Duncan and it has paid off! We are planning a few family vacations that we are so excited for. We have not been able to take a family vacation, just the three of us, without going somewhere to see friends and/or family. We are going to go to Nauvoo, Illinois (an amazing little church town where the saints settled before being persecuted and driven out of their homes) John has never been and this is my most favorite place in the world; I am more than excited to take John and Mikayla to see all the sights and spend time as a family! Then in May of next year we will be heading to Washington D.C for a family vacation that have been in the works for quite awhile. 5 day vacation of sight seeing (so so so many free museums and things to do!!), good food, country's history and spending time together- just the three of us after another hectic year of John and I both being in school.

August 8th Johns younger sister had a little baby boy. Mikayla wasn't sure what to do with this little newborn, but she has grown to love the little guy! She is always asking to come see her "Baby cousin" now. She has started to learn the concept of family- which I love love love!!
Mikayla got her first major hair cut; they cut off quite a few inches. It is so much thicker and fuller looking now that the scraggly ends are off of it. My favorite part is the lack of screaming that came with every single hair brushing. She look's so adorable!!
Mikayla also got her very first soccer ball! She is loving it and can actually kick it around quite well. It makes her happy and gets her up and moving around (not that she doesn't move quite a bit now!) so it makes mom and dad happy too!!
Mikayla continues to grow big and strong and starts preschool tomorrow!! My sister-in-law owns and runs her own preschool and daycare so Mikayla will be going all day twice a week to Aunt Katrina's daycare. She is excited to go and I am excited for her! She loves the social interaction and I will love the time that I have to study while she's there. I also feel better that she is going to someone I know, love and trust. Next year she will start public school preschool. And so it begins!