Sunday, December 10, 2017

2017 Christmas Letter

Instead of sending out a Christmas letter (yes, we are still doing cards) I decided to do something a little bit different. So, here is our 2017 Christmas letter!

2017 has proven to be an adventure filled year!

Mikayla turned 4 in January! She did a lot of occupational therapy at the end of last year into this year. She improved so much with the help of fabulous therapists and we feel like we have a totally different child! Mikayla also started preschool this August. She decided that she wanted to ride the school bus and it has become a highlight of her day! She has been loving all things dinosaur and hot wheels lately. This fall we took  trip out to Kearney and spent the day at Jurassic Quest. Mikayla was in heaven being able to interact with Dinosaurs, ride them, feed them, etc.

In May we went to Utah for my stepdad's father's funeral. Lavar was such a kind person and we were all so sad to see him leave this mortal existence, but grateful to know where he is. While in Utah we stayed with a good friend of mine and had a wonderful visit trying a lot of new things (Hello FIIZ!!!!) On the drive home we went through Zion National Arches. We spent 4-5 hours hiking around and stretching our legs for the long drive home.  John and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary in March. We were able to go down to Kansas City, Missouri for the day. We had a great time not sticking to any schedule and doing whatever we wanted.

We were able to spend an entire week on a beach front condo in Navarre Beach, Florida with Johns grandparents and extended family. I am not sure we have ever seen our daughter as excited as we did when she was on the beach. It was such a fantastic trip with great memories! Highlights would be: The perfect tan I came home with, all the ocean time that we were able to have and the family bonding that we were able to do! Between the late night walks on the beach to the tons of sand castles that were built, we are grateful we made the time and effort to go! We are very much looking forward to going next year!

John celebrated his third year of employment at Duncan Aviation. He changed jobs within the company from parts runner to a bench tech II who fixes navigation/communication units from the airplanes. He loves his job and putting all his knowledge to use every day!

As for me, I went back to work and love my job! I register patients at AMI and am very grateful for a job that I very much enjoy going to every day. I also was able to meet a goal that I have been working hard on, Losing 50 pounds!

We are so grateful that we have had another year to be with each other, watch Mikayla grow and turn into a beautiful little girl! We hope that everyone one of you has a very merry Christmas and a wonderful start to 2018!


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Pottying, Fertility & so much more!

You guys, potty training is making me rethink my entire existence. It doesn't matter what we do, do not do, rewards, what we take away from her, Mikayla REFUSES to consistently potty on the toilet. We let her pick out her toilet seat. We let her pick out her own underwear multiple times. I even did a lot of research and found underwear that is special fabric for kids that have sensory struggles- like our little Mikayla. Nothing. Works. Ever. After today I very well may blow a fuse.

My sweet little darling went through every single pair of pants, leggings and underwear that she owns today. In one single day. She had to resort to wearing a dress to speech therapy. Don't get me wrong, I love love love love love love love this little girl & the gratitude I feel for the chance to be her mother is off the charts. But I am losing my sanity and mind over here. I have had people tell me, "she will do it when she is ready"; "don't push her, that will make it worse"; "just take her pull ups away and force her into underwear" and my very favorite "set a timer and force her to go to the bathroom". I don't know about you, but if someone forced me to go sit on the toilet ever hour, I would probably be pretty pissed and throw a fit too. But I preserve and we are trying....really hard! She stays 100% dry during nap time (when she even takes one anyone) and during the night. When we go to the store, or in the car, or to grandmas house (when we are there with her) she does not have a single accident. It is such a power struggle, and it's a real struggle. Just when I feel like a complete failure and ready to give up and not care anymore- something amazing happens. Like today- Mikayla stood in the corner of the room after having 3 accidents. We had just changed her pants from the pee (I force her to change herself, wipe herself off, etc) she stood there, staring straight at me, and pooped in her underwear. I made her go to her room, get undressed, clean herself up the best that she could and than get dressed again. I was putting her shoes on her and she grabbed the picture of her and I at the KC Temple on our sealing day. She looked at it, and said "Mommy & Me forever!!!! I love You!" She said it in a soft, loving, reverent tone and I could not be upset at her anymore. **On a side note- she DID fall in to the toilet the other day-so I was a little bit easier on her that day**

She will not always have accidents. She will not always refuse to sit on the potty. She will not always be super upset when I refuse to give her a pull up, telling her that I did not buy any more and she is out. She will not always want to hold my hand when we are walking either. She will get over wanting to spend time with me, showing me and telling me every little second of the day she had if I was not with her. She will not always be my little girl. So for now, while I am deep in the trenches of motherhood, I will try to lean on those who support me (thanks for letting me vent today Pama. I seriously needed it & am so grateful that no matter what, we will always have each others backs). I try to remember how far she has come. I try to remember that no matter what, I will always love her more than I can comprehend, more than she can comprehend.

Mikayla got lots of fun puzzles for Christmas. She has really loved being able to set the pieces out and see which ones go where & putting them together. I have loved watching her use her mind in that capacity.

At some point last year John and I sat down and we made a chore chart for Mikayla. She gets a certain amount of money (ranges from a nickel to a quarter) for certain chores. She loooooooves doing the dishes. She will slide a kitchen chair over to the sink if there is dishes there, roll up her sleeves and she will start doing them!! I never want to shut that down or deter her from it, and I love seeing it as time that we can spend together being productive! So we usually end up doing them together! She also loves to help me unload/load the dishwasher.

WE have been drinking a lot of hot chocolate around here lately! I found these cute little pink heart marshmallows and Kayla has loved them!

My friend introduced me to a "minimalist" way of life, and it has been fabulous! We donated so many of mikaylas toys that hadn't ben played with in forever and were taking up space. We have gone through so much of our stuff and donated/tossed it. It has been wonderful! I did not realize how mentally/emotionally attached that I was to things. It was ridiculous and our house feels physically lighter and I like being here more! Kayla's room is nearly done- I want to get some white floating shelves and a few other things- but I love it and so does she!

Mikayla failed her eye exam at her 4 year wellness check- so back to the eye doctor we went (one year ago she was borderline glasses) She has a pretty big astigmatism and has (what I think is) a pretty good prescription for a 4 year old! The eye doctor said that it is not critical that she wears them all the time, but getting her to keep them on and used to them by kindergarten, when he predicts her prescription will really go up and have to have them on at all times. She has actually fairly good at keeping them on. She enjoyed being able to try a bunch of different pairs on- and the ones she picked out are cute & just her style!!

I have wanted to try calligraphy for awhile. The book that my friend recommended has been out of stock on amazon for a loooong time. So, armed with my 40% off coupon, I headed to Hobby Lobby and got a few beginner materials. I am not great by any means, but I have had a lot of fun practicing!

We took Mikayla swimming this past Friday night. Mikayla had such a fun time! I made sure she had all of her floaties she did fantastic swimming on her own (someone was always super, super close) I think she will do wonderful in swimming lessons this coming summer.

If you have followed my other blog at all, you know that we have a lot of fertility struggles the past 3 years or so. After a long consult with my fertility doctor, we took the plunge. I went in for an appointment on the exact right cycle day. We started a treatment of FERMA Monday. I go in for an HSG test this coming Friday. Next week I go in for an ultrasound to measure my follicles on my ovaries, then I will get a trigger shot, than I will get another ultrasound to see if they have grown enough. Hoping that this results in a cute little Baby Wissink! The medication has not been too bad. I was expecting it to be a lot like Clomid (every symptom, all day & all night, full force) I have been going from freezing to super hot all day long and a tad bit more emotional, but other than that, it has not really been too bad! I am extremely grateful for doctors who have the same goal that John & I have- to make us become parents again!

We went and visited dad at work! Kayla and I haven't seen his new work area since he got promoted almost six months ago. It was fun to see him in his element, meet some of the coworkers that he talks so much about! Duncan Aviation has been such a great company to work for.

Valentines Day was a lot of fun around here. Generally it is not a holiday that John and I have ever really celebrated. However, with Mikayla getting older and starting to understand things more, we have been incorporating fun traditions. I made pink, heart shaped pancakes for breakfast. Than for dinner Kayla helped me make homemade heart shaped pizzas. We made chocolate covered strawberries the day before, so we each enjoyed one of those after dinner. John and I had the rest of them after Kayla went to bed.

I discovered this cute little store,  I ordered the pink bath bomb for Mikayla (bubble gum- it comes with a fun little toy in the middle of it) I got a valentines day one- cupid- (red one) and this fabulous blue bar is a pain relief bubble bar. This is my first time trying the bubble bar, but I hear you can get quite a few baths out of it! I am excited to try it. The white bar is a massage bar that melts on your skin and you get a rub down ;) That one is multiple use & I am super excited to try it!! The purple ball is an adult bath bomb too. When we get some extra money I want to do a little stock pile so I don't have to order for awhile. But seriously- well made, fantastic & they make your skin sooooooooooo sooooooo sooooooo sooo soft!! Try 'em out!!

Mikayla has really been enjoying  ballet lately and getting into it! This is my favorite tutu/leotard that she has.

Mikayla has also being doing fabulous in occupational therapy!! The feeding therapy has been really helping and truly life changing!! I cannot say enough good things about her two therapists (Stacey and Julie). She started speech therapy last week with Julie and I am excited to see where that takes her. She is not very delayed in speech- she is just incredibly shy, so she clams up when someone who she isn't 100% comfortable around tries to talk to her. She has been working really hard in therapy and has really made a lot of improvements in the sensory & eating areas! I am beyond grateful that we have found wonderful occupational therapists.

That is about it for an update on our lives! We are just enjoying each other, taking advantage of this gorgeous weather we have been having lately!!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Fertility Myth's Debunked

Everyone has heard of them. The wise tales from old wives who insist on putting their two cents in when it comes to getting pregnant.

#1- Tons of sex=success. People generally think that the more you have sex, the more likely are you to conceive. Ladies (and gents if you're reading) this is false. It only takes one of his swimmers to swim on up and do his job. Having sex 4 times a day as opposed to once a day, or even once every other day, according to some OBGYN'S, will not make it any more effective. So, when making the choice whether to have sex or not during that fertility window every month- being able to have sex for the fun of it and not just for baby making time, is still valid.

#2- Put those legs in the air. Everyone who has tried getting pregnant has probably done it. This is one of the first things one of my friends suggested that I try when I was talking to her about trying to get pregnant (way back when we first started on this journey). The thought on this one is that everything will tilt back and the sperm will be able to travel to the uterus quicker. Which leads to number 3 & 4.

#3- Gravity. A big misconception out there is that certain positions will get you pregnant and certain ones wont.

#4- Only one day of the month. Women used to be told that you could only get pregnant on the 14th day of the week. False. Did you know that sperm isn't a rocket and doesn't just shoot right up into your uterus within seconds? It goes on a journey and it takes some time to get to it's (hopeful) destination. In fact, sperm can live within a women's reproductive system for 3-5 days. Every women ovulates differently, especially when you factor things like PCOS, Endometriosis and other factors in. So, if you do at home ovulation tests, start having sex every day for a few days right after you get that positive test. The tests tell you when you get a surge of the hormone BEFORE ovulation- so ovulation could still be 24-48 hours AFTER that positive OPK (ovulation predictor kit)

#5- Drinking alcohol will harm fertility. I do not drink and neither does John so it doesn't really pertain to us. I just thought that it was interesting. You know those scenes that happen in the movies- guy mets girl at bar. Guy & girl get hammered. Guy takes girl home and they are too drunk to remember to use any sort of protection. Girl starts throwing up 3-4 weeks later. Girl get's pissed at the guy when he freaks out and wants nothing to do with the pregnancy. The culprit (other then terrible choices made my the guy & girl) here is alcohol. Many people think that having a drunk night of fun will lead to a baby. It actually can lead to some fertility difficulties- so this one is rooted in some truth. Alcohol can lead to irregular cycles which cuts your chances of a successful conception down significantly that month.

Last, but not least, #6- being on the pill too long can cause tons of issues. Coming off of birth control can be a little bit of a rocky road. However, cycles should regulate pretty quickly after coming off birth control. Studies show that 80% of women who come off of the pill get pregnant within one year (those who are actively trying).

Whether or not any of these myth's are true or not is really quite unknown. Maybe they work, maybe they do not. Some of them are just common sense and will give you a chuckle, and other's I had to kind of think about. All I know is that these old wives who swear by these things, generally have a LOT of kids. So many things in the world of infertility are serious, so writing a blog or having a conversation about something funny- like this- is needed sometimes.

We are doing a treatment of Ferma next month and I am feeling so many different emotions. I have been told it is expensive, so I feel like it will be an even bigger disappointment and I will feel even more sad if it doesn't work since we cant just stick another treatment on the credit card in March. I wish I was one of those women who had a ton of faith & didn't doubt. I think after trying for years at this point, it is hard to "keep the faith" and "trust in God's plan" sometimes. I do believe that we will have another baby at some point in our life. I would love for him/her to be biological and coming within the next year, but we shall see! If any of you are the praying type and want to send one up for us- we would appreciate that. If you are the type of person who likes to send good vibes towards people, we would take some of those too!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Mikayla turns 4

My baby is FOUR years old. She still seems like my little baby girl, but on the other hand she is growing into such a big girl!! She requested a paw patrol party- so a paw patrol party is what she got!!
None of my family ended up coming, and everyone but John's parents and one grandparent cancelled. But she loved playing with her two little friends! They are so good at playing together! Looking back I am happy with there being a small group.
Mikayla is also now officially a sunbeam. She did well in her first day in our ward. She was nervous but her friend Riggins came and sat down next to her and she was totally fine after that :)

Sam's club did not have a paw patrol cake, but they had this cute winter one!

Toy rescue helicopter that she got from mom & dad! She loves it

I ordered these cookies awhile ago and they didn't disappoint. They were so cute and pretty delicious. The women who does them did so great on them.