Friday, May 31, 2013


Mikayla has started to eat Rice cereal a few weeks ago, and than solid foods since she will be five months in 2 days. 3 days ago we gave her her first taste of solids! She had yummy green beans that mommy home made! By the way- If any of you mommies (and daddies) are looking into making your own baby food- I highly recommend it! It was super easy and inexpensive! When John & I were first married one of the bigger investments we made was buying a really nice Ninja Blender System. It is FABULOUS! One of the things that it does is puree things. My lovely cousin told me all the gross things that could be in beechnut & Gerber and such, It grossed me out. So, I decided on making my own! She ate it up & LOVED it!

 Just hanging out with mommy, taking some pictures :)

 I am such a big girl & sit up so well!
I have learned over the past almost 5 months that very BIG miracles can come in very SMALL packages. That is what our little princess is to us; a miracle for all she has overcome in such a short period of time.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Four Months Old!



She loves:
*Mommy & Daddy holding her
*Her swing!
*Sitting up in her bumboo like a big girl!
*Eating rice cereal with a big girl spoon
*Bath Time
*Time with grandma[s]
Still sleeping through the night; makes mom & dad MORE than happy!
Weight: 10 pounds 7 ounces
Height: 22 inches long
Head Circumfrance:14 inches [yay for finally being able to wear normal sized headbands!]
We are just so proud of our little 4 pound miracle; she has overcome so much stuff in such a short little amount of time. :)