Thursday, January 9, 2014

First Birthday Party!

Little Lady had her first birthday party! John's parents church has a perfect little "coffee shop" in it, and they do not charge to rent it- so we were able to get it for her party! Lots of people came and it was such a fun time! we really enjoyed talking, laughing and enjoying each other :)
 Mikayla was such a little champ with her smash cake! I didn't even have to help her- she dove right in and began sucking the whole time down :)
 Family picture!



Mikayla's Birthday Cake!
It was really delicious!
Trying Ice Cream for the first time.
She absolutely LOVED it!

Her birthday outfit- white onsie, pink tutu and an adorable headband!

Waiting patiently for her next bite :)


Hey!! What's this?!? I get to dig into it?

The drink's of the party. We had water bottles & flavoring. So Simple. So Easy. So delicious.

Mikayla's party was so fun! I still cannot believe that I have a ONE YEAR OLD! When has been the highlight of our life for the past year and we just love her so much!
WEIGHT: 17 pounds
HEIGHT: 28 inches
WORDS SHE CAN SAY: Hi, Bye, Dat [that] mama, dada.
LIKES: FOOOOD! She loves her Vanilla Biscuits, Squash, avocado, Any fruit, spaghetti, anything she can pick up with her hands. Sippy Cup, Music, Dancing, Chunky Legos, her daddy & mommy, hair, pulling clothes out of laundry baskets.
DISLIKES: Bedtime, Naps, bath-time, Formula, Riding in the car, Her car seat & coats. 

Mikaylas First Christmas

I know not that many people read this, so it is more for my remembrance & "journaling" but last year was Mikayla's first Christmas! She really could have cared less about the presents and did not really understand what all the commotion was about; she just sat there and watched her cousins go crazy :)
It was so great to have all the kids here for Christmas. Since Lindsay was the first kid up, she got her picture by the tree :) 

Mikayla was working on a stocking stuffer. She stuck her finger in one present and got one open, John and I ended up opening the rest of hers.

 Chilling on daddy- watching Lindsay, Matthew and Kyrie go crazy. She was perfectly content right where she was at :)
 We spent Christmas Eve at my mom's house, along with Christmas Morning. That afternoon we came back to our apartment and I made Christmas dinner for my in-laws.
Mikayla was one blessed and spoiled little girl this year! She got so many fun new toys to play with! I found a cute idea online that I decided to try on Mikayla this year, and John & I really liked it. I think that it will be what we do for Christmas from now on with our kids. We gave Mikayla:

1] something to read: a cute Christmas book

2] something to you need: Blooming Bath- which has come to be a LIFESAVER when giving her a bath [she still slides around in the sink]

3] something you want: a cute activity cube that keeps this little busy body busy :)

4] something to wear: the little Christmas outfit she had on, with new Christmas socks & headband.

We also did a stocking, as they are tradition in my family and we always got one every year, and than an open present under the tree.

Christmas was so much fun this year with a little one! She was so excited about the Christmas lights and she just soaked in having all the people around her. We are so incredibly grateful for our little miracle and that she is here with us and was able to celebrate her First Christmas. We are so incredibly blessed to have the Gospel in our lives, to live in a wonderful ward, and to have all of our family and friends.

Friday, January 3, 2014

One Year Old!

My little Mikayla Elizabeth is ONE. YEAR. OLD!! [as of yesterday- jan 2nd] Here is a little review [but a lot of pictures] of her life :)
January 2nd, 2013 via emergency C-section at 10:03am.
31 1/2 weeks
4 pounds 4 ounces
16 1/2 inches long
11 inch head circumfrance
6 days old. Holding for the first time!
Reading Book's with Mommy :)

Our own clothes!

CPAP machine

Mommy & Me


Our Itty Bitty Lady Bug

                                                               Daddy & Me

Mommy & Me having skin-to-skin time. It was so special because it was given so few and far between


A lot of time was spent like this

Even more like this!

Newborn pictures. 2 months old

We were able to go to North Platte and see Aunt Kaylin, cousins Lindsay and Matthew.
Cousins watching a movie

Her Blessing Day [March]

Mikayla's First Easter!

Three Month Pictures

Going and seeing Great-Aunt Linda while she was in the Rehabilitation home. It sure brightened up her day!

Our first vacation!! We went to Ohio for a family reunion

 5 generations. Great-Great-Granddaughter [mikayla], daddy [john], grandma [michelle] great-grandpa [bill] great-grandma [Sharon] great-great-grandma Shirley
First Fourth Of July!!

Six month pictures

Our First Halloween. We went to the pumpkin patch with Aunt Katrina, Uncle Chris, Uncle Joe, Aunt Kaylin & cousins Lindsay and Matthew
 Trunk-or-treat at John's Parent's church. Yes, that is a REAL Donkey. Mikayla and I touched one for the first time together :)

Mikayla as Cinderella & Cousin Edison

First Thanksgiving
was spent in Joplin, Missouri


Nine Month Pictures


 First Christmas Morning!