Saturday, October 8, 2016

Pumpkin Patch 2016

My mom, John, Mikayla and I decided to head to the pumpkin patch today! We were so lucky that it was a gorgeous day since this was the only Saturday that we had to do this on! The pumpkin patch has been a super fun thing that we have done ever since Mikayla was born, so I wanted to keep the tradition up!There is a new pumpkin patch that has been around for just a few years and so we decided to try it out! It was SO nice to not have to pay $17.99 per person to get in plus pay for everything inside of the patch. A fun bonus was everyone got a free pumpkin with admission! It wasn't a huge patch like we are used to going to, but it was a nice change of pace! It was perfect for a little girl.

 They had a few goats, baby goats, a Llama and a donkey for the kids to feed! Mikayla loved it and once she saw that the Donkey didn't bite mom's hand off, she was able to extend her hand and feed the animals herself!

 Going on the tractor ride! All of us had a lot of fun on this!

 Dad and Mikayla were looking for the perfect pumpkin! We were able to find 3 perfect pumpkin's for carving and I got a few little ones for decorations!

 My cousin just started a business where she makes shirts, bags, pillows, etc. Since I didn't feel like pulling out our cricut and trying to get the vinyl to stay on the shirts- I ordered them from Jj. We were NOT disappointed!! She did a fabulous job. It was so fun being "The Boo Crew" at the pumpkin patch today all together!! We weren't able to get a very good picture, we were all leaning back in this one and Mikayla would not look up for her picture at this point. 

 Such a big girl! Just under three months from her fourth birthday, she is a wee bit over 3ft!

It was such a great day together! We ended the day with making caramel apples at Grandma Bakers house!