Friday, March 28, 2014

Mikayla's First [and hopefully only] surgery

Our sweet little girl had to have stints put in her tear ducts this morning.
This was before leaving for UNMC, I would say for 5:15am, she was a pretty happy girl :)
This is after we were all checked in, waiting in pre-op. The nurses all ADORED her and were so wonderful with her. The anesthesiologist  came in and talked to us, answered all of our questions and played with Mikayla for a good 10-15 minutes. I cannot express enough how wonderful they were with her! After getting paperwork done, talking with the eye doctor and doing some last minute pre-operational things, we had to hand her over. The anasteologist was the  one who took her, she screamed the whole way back to the Operating Room. The doctor said that she showed her the monitors and all the machines and wires and she LOVED it! They gave her a little bit of gas through an oxygen mask and then she was out! Put an IV in and she was golden :)
This was her afterwards. We were talking to the doctor in the waiting room when she came to, so one of the nurses was holding and rocking her; it was such a cute sight to behold! They took her IV out, we got to feed her a little bit and then we were able to take her home. The surgery went differently then we initially thought that it would. The whole reason for the procedure was needed because she was born so premature that her tear ducts did not form all the way. They were going to put stints in her tear ducts, let them heal around the synthetic stints for 3 months and then remove them. Well, when he got in there, there was so much swelling and inflammation for so long that it created scar tissue, there was also lots of infection and "pus" so he was unable to place the stint; he did, however, clear out all of the stuff out of her eyes, and hopefully she will be good to go- which means less pink eye, stuff noses, and crusty eyes and sticky tears.
We are so thankful that Mikayla had a successful surgery and that although they didn't do what the original plan was, they were still able to help her. The nurses and anesthesiologist were all so, so, so, so wonderful- truly treated her like she was one of their own. She has been so good since getting home. She slept the whole way home from Omaha, and then an hour or so here and there. But she is back to her cheerful, loving, busy self!
I think that I did pretty good with this being Mikayla's first surgery. I didn't cry, nervously pace or anything while she was in surgery. But when I was rocking her and the nurse was going over the discharge instructions, I did shed a few tears of relief that was made it through surgery okay.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

First trip to the zoo with mom & dad

A few weeks ago John & I took Mikayla to the Omaha Zoo for the first time! She has gone with grandma once, but this was the first time with mama & dada!
We had so much fun with having a family day!