Friday, November 18, 2016

October/November 2016

The pictures are jumbled and out of order, but we have had a busy October and beginning of November! Mikayla started Dance Class (which she absolutely LOVES and is doing great in!)

We have been obsessed with this craft over here lately. Mikayla loves it and it's a fun little craft, which takes a lot of time!
The cutest little ballerina that there ever was! We just found out what their recital in May will be and she will be SO adorable!
 We have gone on a few Temple dates the last few months and it has been so wonderful! The peace that is felt inside the Temple is like no other.

We went sled looking for the winter! We haven't ever taken Mikayla sledding before, but we are excited to go this Winter!

We took Mikayla to see Troll's and she LOVED It! She was on the edge of her seat or up dancing the entire movie. It was an adorable little kiddo movie!

We had to take my mom up to an appointment at UNMC and while we were leaving there was a Medivac helicopter. Mikayla loves anything that flies in the air, so naturally we had to stop an look!

Yummy treat while waiting for Grandma

Mikayla wanted to make cupcakes after we saw these fun leafs at Hobby Lobby. So cupcakes were made!
The day that we went and voted! This election was so important!

Lots of cuddling and book reading too!

One night for Family Home Evening we watched Frosty The Snowman, had hot coco and cuddled up on the couch together!

Kayla had to go to the ENT for some hearing issues. She did so great, so so great in the testing. The audiologist had her play a "game", every time she would hear a bird chirping out of a certain ear she had to give me a high five. We are going up to Boystown Monday for further testing.