Thursday, January 12, 2017

Fertility Myth's Debunked

Everyone has heard of them. The wise tales from old wives who insist on putting their two cents in when it comes to getting pregnant.

#1- Tons of sex=success. People generally think that the more you have sex, the more likely are you to conceive. Ladies (and gents if you're reading) this is false. It only takes one of his swimmers to swim on up and do his job. Having sex 4 times a day as opposed to once a day, or even once every other day, according to some OBGYN'S, will not make it any more effective. So, when making the choice whether to have sex or not during that fertility window every month- being able to have sex for the fun of it and not just for baby making time, is still valid.

#2- Put those legs in the air. Everyone who has tried getting pregnant has probably done it. This is one of the first things one of my friends suggested that I try when I was talking to her about trying to get pregnant (way back when we first started on this journey). The thought on this one is that everything will tilt back and the sperm will be able to travel to the uterus quicker. Which leads to number 3 & 4.

#3- Gravity. A big misconception out there is that certain positions will get you pregnant and certain ones wont.

#4- Only one day of the month. Women used to be told that you could only get pregnant on the 14th day of the week. False. Did you know that sperm isn't a rocket and doesn't just shoot right up into your uterus within seconds? It goes on a journey and it takes some time to get to it's (hopeful) destination. In fact, sperm can live within a women's reproductive system for 3-5 days. Every women ovulates differently, especially when you factor things like PCOS, Endometriosis and other factors in. So, if you do at home ovulation tests, start having sex every day for a few days right after you get that positive test. The tests tell you when you get a surge of the hormone BEFORE ovulation- so ovulation could still be 24-48 hours AFTER that positive OPK (ovulation predictor kit)

#5- Drinking alcohol will harm fertility. I do not drink and neither does John so it doesn't really pertain to us. I just thought that it was interesting. You know those scenes that happen in the movies- guy mets girl at bar. Guy & girl get hammered. Guy takes girl home and they are too drunk to remember to use any sort of protection. Girl starts throwing up 3-4 weeks later. Girl get's pissed at the guy when he freaks out and wants nothing to do with the pregnancy. The culprit (other then terrible choices made my the guy & girl) here is alcohol. Many people think that having a drunk night of fun will lead to a baby. It actually can lead to some fertility difficulties- so this one is rooted in some truth. Alcohol can lead to irregular cycles which cuts your chances of a successful conception down significantly that month.

Last, but not least, #6- being on the pill too long can cause tons of issues. Coming off of birth control can be a little bit of a rocky road. However, cycles should regulate pretty quickly after coming off birth control. Studies show that 80% of women who come off of the pill get pregnant within one year (those who are actively trying).

Whether or not any of these myth's are true or not is really quite unknown. Maybe they work, maybe they do not. Some of them are just common sense and will give you a chuckle, and other's I had to kind of think about. All I know is that these old wives who swear by these things, generally have a LOT of kids. So many things in the world of infertility are serious, so writing a blog or having a conversation about something funny- like this- is needed sometimes.

We are doing a treatment of Ferma next month and I am feeling so many different emotions. I have been told it is expensive, so I feel like it will be an even bigger disappointment and I will feel even more sad if it doesn't work since we cant just stick another treatment on the credit card in March. I wish I was one of those women who had a ton of faith & didn't doubt. I think after trying for years at this point, it is hard to "keep the faith" and "trust in God's plan" sometimes. I do believe that we will have another baby at some point in our life. I would love for him/her to be biological and coming within the next year, but we shall see! If any of you are the praying type and want to send one up for us- we would appreciate that. If you are the type of person who likes to send good vibes towards people, we would take some of those too!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Mikayla turns 4

My baby is FOUR years old. She still seems like my little baby girl, but on the other hand she is growing into such a big girl!! She requested a paw patrol party- so a paw patrol party is what she got!!
None of my family ended up coming, and everyone but John's parents and one grandparent cancelled. But she loved playing with her two little friends! They are so good at playing together! Looking back I am happy with there being a small group.
Mikayla is also now officially a sunbeam. She did well in her first day in our ward. She was nervous but her friend Riggins came and sat down next to her and she was totally fine after that :)

Sam's club did not have a paw patrol cake, but they had this cute winter one!

Toy rescue helicopter that she got from mom & dad! She loves it

I ordered these cookies awhile ago and they didn't disappoint. They were so cute and pretty delicious. The women who does them did so great on them.