Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mikayla catch up

Things have been such a whirlwind around here since Mikayla's arrival! After only three weeks in the NICU, our love bug was able to come home! We were orginally told to expect to be there until her due date (Feburary 24th- Sunday!) and then the neonatologist said maybe Valentines Day. Well, apparently Kayla just needed a challenge to beat- because the doctor was so surprised and impressed he almost could't believe it himself!! Monday morning he said that she needed to be taking at least 90% of her feedings by mouth, and then he would consider shutting the NG tube off on Wednesday. At that point she was taking about 60% by mouth and the rest by her tube. By that afternoon she was taking her feeding's 100% by mouth and never looked back! She continued on this awesome streak and the day that he told us he would maybe shut the tube off by, we were walking out the door to go home! It all happened so incredibly fast, that I had to scramble around to buy a carseat (I hadn't yet had my baby shower!) and some preemie clothes for her, and some other things.

Little Lady came home at 5 lbs, so she defiantly had some growing to do (and still continues to) but we are up for the task! She has to be fed every two hours, she takes about 45 minutes or so to eat, change her diaper, and than lay her back down in her bassinet, that leaves only about 30-45 minutes of sleep for whomever's turn it is to feed (John & I switch back and forth, and so that really helps!)

Caution: Overload of pictures!

 Mikayla right after she was born (my mom came to recovery with me & John went to the NICU with Kayla)

 On CPAP Machine (kept pressure on her lungs to force them open and to function properly)
She also had a bunch of lines that went into where her umbilical cord had been
Me in recovery, the NICU nurse & my doctor (she went and checked on Mikayla when she was done with me in the OR- SOOO grateful for this woman!) telling me how she was doing & her stat's.

 First family picture! Mikayla was 2 days old!
 3 days old
6 days old, She had her CPAP Machine taken off! Was on "Comfort Flo" (fancy name for enhanced oxygen)
 Her first outfit we were able to put her in!

Holding my daughter for the very first time, she was six days old. It was such an indescriablly- perfect-amazing-I-can't-even-put-into-words-what-I-felt-moment.
Helping to give Kayla a bath

 My friend came and took some pictures of Mikayla while she was in the NICU. She was two weeks in these pictures.

  Going home! Such an amazing day!! Three weeks excatly on the day we took her home
jan 23rd 2013

 Please, No pictures. Autographs later
we love to swing!!
just chillin' after being changed on our cute polka dotted changing pad!
Look how big this crib is for me! I may be 7 1/2 weeks, but it will be awhile before I sleep in here!