Saturday, July 27, 2013

6 month post

Mikayala is six months already! [almost seven actually!]
13 pounds
24 1/2 inches long
5.5 percentile for weight
8% for height!
Our girl is growing up, and we feel so lucky to be a part of it! Here are some pictures to enjoy :)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

For Danielle...

Our wonderful photographer who started here with us and went on our journey from engagement to mikayla being six months old has moved. I cannot write this without tearing up. Danielle is such a wonderful person! She has not only been our photographer, but she also helped me through my C-Section so much in answering questions, etc.! She was in our ward in church and will be greatly missed.
Even though pregnant herself and having a few pre-term contractions, she still did our maternity pictures [in the SNOW!] thankfully she was a trooper as I delievered pre-term at 32 weeks just a few days later.

after having a baby herself, she jumped right back into the action a month or so after and took our first family pictures and mikayla's three months!

This is one of Kayla's six month pictures. I will post more of them later- but per ususal, we LOVE them!! We will miss you Danielle!! We may have to follow you so we come visit and you can take our pictures :)
We wish you all the best in the rest of the hubby's schooling and mommyhood. I consider it a blessing to call you a friend :)