Monday, July 20, 2015

4th of July 2015

The Fourth of July this year was the best! We had such a good time with such great company! We could not have asked for a better Holiday.
On the 3rd of July Mikayla, John & I tie dyed our own t-shirts; Mikayla's is the only one the turned out good. She was pretty proud of it. We started the day off by hanging out at home, the night before we were at my mom's moving stuff and I helped mom make this yummy yummy yummy desseret.
My baby girl

We then went over to John's parents house to grill for dinner and to hang out. We had such a good time! I bought Mikayla a sprinkler a few days before so that she would be able to run around and have fun. It was such a hit!! Aunt Rebekah & I even ended up running through it with her!

 My mom came and joined us! It was seriously so great having her there. I consider it such a blessing that my mom gets along with my in-law's, especially my mother in law! They both told me how good of a time they had together! It made me super happy. My mom had back surgery in May and so she has not been able to get out much, and so her coming with us really lifted her spirits and got her socialized- even if she did have a little more pain after!

Smoke Bombs! Mikayla loved them, she also loved being able to help light them.

WOW DAD!!!!!

 Sparklers!! This little girl fell in love with sparklers [she really fell in love with all fireworks]

 That is the look of pure joy.

These curls folks. Mikayla NEVE lets me do anything with her hair, so when she let me put pig tails in I was so excited. I tried to get a good picture of them but did not do that well, this is the best that I could do! Kayla's hair has grown so much in the past few months & has started curling naturally at the end! Love it.

I stayed away from the loud fireworks and from fire crackers on purpose. I did not want there to be anything that scared Mikayla that WE were setting off. But John got one package when we went the day before and bought some fireworks and when he set them off, she LOVED them. Like LOVED LOVED LOVED them. We ended up going back to the fire work stand and buying packs of them for her. She would always get so excited about them when they would "pop!"

Grandma Wissink had some glow in the dark stick things and necklace for Mikayla. She had fun with it!
I am so grateful that I live in the United States of America. I am so grateful & proud of the time my husband spent in the Army, serving his country. I Think we quite often forget just how free we are and how incredibly blessed we are to enjoy what we do. With everything going on with the Supreme Court and just so much political propaganda and other things, we need to try to remember how blessed we are to enjoy our freedoms. I hope everyone was able to have a wonderful fourth of July also! 

Big Long Update

I noticed that I have not updated much in the past little while, we have not really had anything exciting to blog about until just a little bit ago! It seems like our lives went from coasting right along to roller coaster speed!

John just started his second to last quarter at Southeast Community College in the Electronics Program. We are so excited that he will graduate with his associates on December 18th. It will be a great day & I am sure I will be the loudest one there cheering him on. He has overcome a lot to go to college, but he is so smart that I knew that I had to shove him into higher education :) He just celebrated his one year anniversary at Duncan Aviation! They have been so good to us and we have really enjoyed him working for them. He is now free to move departments [you have to be there one year in order to transfer departments] we are just waiting for a few other things to fall into place so that he can move. Hopefully he will get a job where he starts wiring the airplanes.

We have also made the decision to stay here and go to UNL! This is the polar opposite of what we have been planning for the past year or so. I have prayed for so long to know which state to go to school in, that I never considered praying about which school in general is best for john to go to. This is something that I am struggling with, but have continued to pray over and know that God has directed us to the right choice and so he will help us see it through. I am so excited to see what the future has in store for us as we become official Huskers in January!

Another big change that has happened is we have moved! Our original plan was to move in with my mom in Greenwood. She has 3 extra bedrooms that weren't really being used and we were needing to save money to move across country, so what better thing to do then move in with her, help her around her house [she just had a rod put in her back in May and has been recovering from that] and save money for moving?! Well, once our plan of moving across the country went out the window, we had already given our 30 day notice to our landlord and decided to go ahead with the move. We have been there a total of 2 nights, so far so good! John and I put a lot of work into preparing Mikayla & our room's. Repainting, rearranging, donating things, throwing things away, etc. I am glad that is over! Now it is just the work of organizing our things. It will be great to be able to pay some bills off [boo to medical insurance deductibles & coinsurance from surgery :/ ] It will also be nice to be able to have help with Mikayla while I am working. Even thought we will not be moving across the country, we will still be saving like crazy! Once John get's his official acceptance letter into UNL we will be able to apply for married/family housing. The housing wait list is about 1 year long generally, sometimes longer, sometimes shorter [so I don't get my hopes up, I am going to assume longer!] so we will be at mom's for 6 months before John start's at UNL, in December we can apply for housing, but will not be listed until Jan when he starts we were told. Anywhere from January 2017 to July 2017 we will be moving into student housing! No complaining here! Free rent, utilities, having mom's help when we need it, and being there to help her with her house and keeping her company! I think it will work out pretty nicely! John is supposed to be graduating somewhere around 2020 with his engineering degree, and then will go on to get his masters in Aerospace engineering after that! It seems so far away, yet I know it will come and go so quickly!

 His schedule is already crazy and it is just going to get more chaotic- but I am looking forward to it [hint just a little sarcasm] His schedule has made us both stretch and grow. I now get up with him at 6:30am [he leaves at 7am for school]  to read scriptures & pray and talk about things going on in our life, and then sometimes I will wait up for him until he gets off work at gets home at 1 in the morning to pray together. We have been so off and on about reading together and doing things that we know we need to do together to strengthen our marriage and family because of our crazy schedules; when we finally sat down and discussed things that we knew we needed to do to make things run more smoothly, having a consistent time to ready scriptures as a couple and to really pray, not just a super quick one, has really brought our family more joy and happiness. It really is incredible that if we do the things that the Lord desires us to do, how blessed we WILL become.

The other newish thing going on in our life is that I went back to work part time! It is my dream to be a nurse. I think they are amazing and should be given WAY more credit than they are, They are so great and help [the majority of them] I love the medical field and know that is where I belong, in some spectrum of it. My biggest dream is to be a nurse at children's hospital in Omaha. I would probably pee my pants if I ever got that job. I was applying for jobs as a CNA at Childrens when a little bit of a different job came along. It is at their Rainbow House; this is where families and some patients stay before procedures/while their family member is in the hospital. I am a CNA here. It's not like being on a floor at the hospital [which I am working towards] but if anything medical comes up that I can handle, I am the medical person on hand. If I can't handle it than I call up to the main campus [we are about 2 blocks away from them] and a nurse comes and assesses the situation, depending on the severity of it when I call. I LOVE what I do, I cannot even put enough emphasis on the joy it brings me to come into work. Not only does it bring me joy knowing that I am helping these families, but it also brings me joy knowing that I am helping my own family, and myself. I only work the weekends and so it doesn't really affect Mikayla, which was a big thing for me. I work 11pm-7am Friday & Saturday nights and then any overtime that is offered to me [which has been quite a bit thankfully] We will see what other opportunities this job offers me; I would love to be here full time. I also love knowing that I am helping my family financially! Mikayla has been wanting a bike for quite a while, and It was such a good feeling to be able to go to the store and just buy her one! We had been looking at them for awhile, but I was in the store getting some groceries and we were wandering around a little bit, found a bike we liked, so we bought it! Just like that- right there! We are on a really tight student budget with rent, bills & such. So it was just this proud moment that I had when I bought my daughter a bike that she had been wanting! She is in love with it and loves riding it; she hasn't quite gotten the hint to move her feet to peddle though- but that will come with practice and time!

We have also been loving summer around here! At our apartment we lived right up the street [okay, about a mile] from a little seasonal Dairy Queen. It has been fun going over and getting a dilly bar and ice cream every once in awhile. Mikayla has been loving having a house to be at. We have enjoyed the pool grandma has for the grandkids, the sprinkler, sitting on the porch eating ice drink, drinking juice and having otter pops. My mom has this little lap dog named Daisy and about 1 month ago or so Kayla perfected being able to say Daisy. So every day that poor little dog gets chased around the house by a blonde haired wild kid! So loves being able to go in and out [with supervision of course!] to draw chalk, etc. I think she will adjust very well to house living and wont want to go back to anything but!

Another little thing going on is my ankle. I don't know how many of you know or remember, but when John and I went to Chicago July 2014 for our late anniversary celebration trip, I rolled my ankle really hard and ended up in the ER because I was in pain; I was told it was a sprain and fine. Fast forward six months to January 2015 as I was hanging up a streamer at the top of the wall for mikayla's birthday party the next day, when I stepped down off the chair I stepped wrong on my ankle and it snapped. I was in so much pain I blacked out and almost threw up. Before I blacked out, after managing to get my husband called, I remember calling my brother [he is an EMT and has always had a way with calming me down when I am in pain] and telling him my ankle bone was not where it should have been. Then when I came back from blacking out I remember it was back in place. So I am 99% sure that it had dislocated; the ER said that it was just a sprain, gave me some pain meds and a splint and told me to follow up with a foot doctor "if I felt like it" So I followed up with a podiatrist who had dealt with another issue I had the year previous, he also told me it was just a little sprain and that it would heal on its own.

Fast forward about 3 months or so [Around April I believe] and I decided to go get a second opinion as I was having a LOT of instability and still pain. I went to someone who is a member of our church and he decided that an MRI would be a good idea. So we went ahead and went that course and it turned out that I have torn ligaments [Mr. EMT was right, that was what my brother had guessed the night that he met us in the ER] which are what is causing the pain and instability. We did a cortisone shot [where I proceeded to almost pass out & throw up in the Doctor's office- if you need on then you need one, but I didn't have an easy time with it!] which did not really do anything or help with anything. I have been praying about what kind of treatment we should proceed with [every single time I put that foot down it scares me, it's so unstable it rolls countless times every week] so we decided to proceed with surgery. We were going to put it off until after a labor day vacation weekend, but we decided that fixing my ankle was more important since I always get so nervous about the instability. So we are hoping for the end of August to get it all fixed up!

That is pretty much it for an update on our lives! We are just loving and living and enjoying ourselves all while striving our best to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ and be an example of what It means to be a true Christian in these Latter-Days!

One  last thing that I will write about is that the EXACT night that John & I decided that I would start getting up with him to read scriptures and pray and just get a head start on things while Kayla [hopefully] still slept, we started reading the July issue of the Ensign and there was this fabulous article by a man named Randal A Wright entitled, "Filled with Life and Energy" In this article he quoted a General authority, Elder Marion G. Romney who was feeling inadequate in fulfilling his new calling so he sought advice from Elder Harold B Lee who said "If you are to be successful General Authority, you will need to be inspired. You will need to receive revelation. I will give you one piece of advice: go to bed early and get up early. If you do, your body and mind will become rested and then in the quiet of those early morning hours, you will receive more flashes of inspiration and insight than at any other time of the day" During a fireside at BYU, Elder Christensen further stated, "Some of you are not getting the rest you need. some are habituated to going to bed late and sleeping much longer than your system really needs, thus missing out on some of the personal inspiration you could be receiving"  I think what Elder Christensen said in his address is 100% applicable to John & I. We could be missing out on some personal revelation because I like to sleep in and he has to get up that early to go to school. I thought I would share this as I found it to be encouraging and uplifting!