Friday, July 25, 2014

18 months

this little cheese-ball turned 18 months on July 2nd, I cannot believe it has already been 1 1/2 years since this drama-queen-sassy-cutie little girl has entered our lives.
18 months she weighed in at just barely 20 pounds!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Chicago Trip part III

On the fourth of July we decided to hop a train and go to the Brookfield Zoo. It was SO much fun and I am so glad that we went. This was on the fourth of July and we hadn't seen a single street this bare the whole time we were there!

Waiting for the train

 They were VERY serious about water conservation
 Baby Bison!

We went to a Dolphin Show while at the zoo. In fact, that was the whole reason why we went to the zoo & it was worth every second! We sat in the "splash zone" and were warned we could get wet. Well, they were not kidding! I thought it meant we would get a little splash [like a sprinkling rain storm] but we were SOAKED!! totally worth it :)



 Museum of Industry and Science was such a cool museum!

 The museum had a German sub. John loved it [and I thought it was magnificent and kind of breath taking up close] we wanted to go inside of it but all of the tours for the day were sold out. Next time!

There was a section of the museum where it was about future technology. This is the "Best Friend Of The Future" where you can program them to be your best friend.

This is "Farmers Of The Future" where every level of this is a different field and different crops.

They had a body exhibit that I found absolutely fascinating. This is our muscular system
 The body in a 3-D form. so cool

There was a machine where it showed the veins in your arm, I thought that this machine was so cool. They always say that there are so many veins in your arm, and I guess it's true!



John & I had so much fun on our trip. This last few quarters had been extremely rough on us with the crazy schedules John and I had, so it was absolutely wonderful to take some time together.

Chicago part II

The second museum we went to was Adler Planetarium

We went on a "Pirate Life" cruise and it was so fun! it was john and my first time being on a ship that big and it was so fun!!

we found a delicious bakery in downtown Chicago. This was red velvet cheesecake!! so yummy!