Monday, January 9, 2017

Mikayla turns 4

My baby is FOUR years old. She still seems like my little baby girl, but on the other hand she is growing into such a big girl!! She requested a paw patrol party- so a paw patrol party is what she got!!
None of my family ended up coming, and everyone but John's parents and one grandparent cancelled. But she loved playing with her two little friends! They are so good at playing together! Looking back I am happy with there being a small group.
Mikayla is also now officially a sunbeam. She did well in her first day in our ward. She was nervous but her friend Riggins came and sat down next to her and she was totally fine after that :)

Sam's club did not have a paw patrol cake, but they had this cute winter one!

Toy rescue helicopter that she got from mom & dad! She loves it

I ordered these cookies awhile ago and they didn't disappoint. They were so cute and pretty delicious. The women who does them did so great on them.

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